Blog Action Day: Save Our Seas!

It was in Mindanao that an unfathomably huge case of marine poaching occurred last month. Off the coast of Cotabato, in the Sulu Sea, coral reefs five times the size of Manila were plundered beyond imagination, robbing the Filipino people of natural resources that we’ll most probably never see again in our lifetimes. Precious black coral, endangered sea turtles and other marine life were wantonly destroyed, pillaged for the sake of profit, without thought to the environment or to the consequences to the country’s food security.

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Coral reefs are the habitat of a plethora of fish species and other marine flora and fauna. In simpler terms, they are the breeding grounds of the fish that we eat. Without their natural habitats, there’s a danger that the various kinds of fish that we normally see on our dining tables will soon disappear. Already we are noticing a decline in fish catch in recent years — with a burgeoning population, our country will suffer badly if we lose even just one source of sustainable food supply.

To help address this growing issue now called the rape of the ocean, a group of concerned environmentalists, bloggers, divers and IT professionals have formed the Save The Philippine Seas (SPS) movement. It is envisioned to be a long-term advocacy to foster deeper awareness of marine environment issues in order to bring about action.

The first major activity that the SPS team is undertaking is the Blog Action Day: Save Our Seas project. It is an invitation to all bloggers, Facebook and Twitter users, all netizens — to talk about the Philippine seas and the wonders that they contain, to start online conversations so that more people will know about the beauty and importance of coral reefs and other marine life.

The Blog Action Day is set for 8 June 2011, and is tied to the website. Please read this article and register via the online form that appears on the site’s sidebar. If you don’t want to register, it’s OK, you can still contribute to the effort — just blog or tweet or plurk about your thoughts about the seas around you!

On Twitter, whenever you post anything about this or any related issue, please use the #reefwatchPH hashtag.

If you would like to participate in the SPS advocacy directly, we are in need of more warm bodies to join the ranks of coral lovers! Do get in touch with me and let’s talk soon.

Save the Philippine Seas!


We now have a campaign badge for the Blog Action Day! Please check out the official announcement for the image codes that you can use to help spread the word.

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  1. Lyndsay 12 November 2011 at 1:38 am #

    I'm up for helping to save our seas! Count me in. :)